Aishah Nib-Shashi


Aishah Nib-Shashi

Female Human Oracle 1
N medium humanoid
Init; 0 Senses; Perception +1

AC 17 (armor 6, dodge 1), touch 10, flat-footed 16
HP 11 (1d8 + 2)
Fort 2, Ref 0, Will 3

Melee long sword +3 (1d8 +3) OR dagger +3 (1d4 +3)
Ranged -

STR 16 (3)
DEX 10 (0)
CON 15 (2)
INT 6 (-2)
WIS 13 (1)
CHA 18 (4)

BAB 0 CMB 3 CMD 13
Feats Dodge, Extra Revelation
Skills Diplomacy +8, Heal +5, Spellcraft +2
Languages Common

Current XP 500
Next Level 1300

Special Qualities: Mystery Spell, Iron Weapon, Armor Mastery
Racial Trait: Fencer


Padishah of Empire of Shadows, fourth daughter to Shah Suri-ahi, sister to Argbadh Ilima-ahi.

Aishah was born as the seventh child and the fourth daughter to the ruler of the Empire of Shadow, shah Suri-Ahi Nib-Shashi. While her heritage was regarded by some as a blessing, there were also those within the Empire who thought less fondly of its ruling caste, and saw problems inherent in being part of the noble family. She would come to agree with the latter notion.
She and her brother Ilima-Ahi shared the same mother while the rest of their siblings were the product of the king’s earlier marriage. Aishah’s mother died giving birth to her and Aishah was almost invariably raised by her brother with the help from one of their half-sisters, Eisvysia.

Aishah’s father never showed any affection or interest towards her until her previously latent oracular abilities emerged at the age of 16, making her the Oracle-Princess of Shade. From thereon Aishah was the favourite child of all the king’s Seven and enjoyed a brief period of unprecedented attention. Unfortunately, such things rarely last in the Palace of Shadows.

In time the king became to jealously covet Aishah’s talents as an oracle. He also succumbed to delusions that someone was trying to steal her away from him and use her powers against him. This resulted in Aishah being confined in her quarters, guarded by several of the king’s personal wards, under the guise of stopping any malcontents from harming her. At first the king allowed her brothers and sisters to visit her – though it was mostly Ilima-Ahi and Eisvysia who did so – but even that eventually ended as the increasingly delirious king forbade anyone but himself from seeing Aishah, fearing a coup from his very own children.

For three years Aishah endured her near complete solitude until one night her brother came to her, telling they were to escape that very night. Thanks to Ilima-ahi’s preparations and Eisvysia’s help Aishah avoided detection and escaped the Palace of Shadows with her brother.
Following the Black Road eastwards, all the way to the edges of the Empire’s dark sands, and then heading north until the Tortured Land, the two siblings finally left their father’s tyranny behind.

For the past several months Aishah and Ilima-ahi have been hiding in the city of Ilinvur, near the southern edge of the Tortured Land. The Corrupted City has been a great place for Ilima-ahi to forge alliances and friendships, while Aishah has taken to sharpening her blade skills against the scum that reside in the city. They both know, however, that they must start moving soon lest their father’s grasp reaches them once more.

Aishah Nib-Shashi

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